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"Daughter ISWWIM

"Daughter II" White Wall Review

"Go Make Something of Yourself"

          White Wall Review 

"Vigil" The Missing Slate

"Birthday Fish" Mid-American Review

2 poems Hypertrophic Press

"The Pit" Prelude

"Rite of Passage" Fugue

"2031" New Limestone Review 

"To Mother" & "Cellular Elegy" Cathexis Northwest Press 

"Doomsday PreppersBear Review

"We Are Happy" RHINO Poetry

"Unfinished List of Things I Did While Miscarrying" CALYX Press

"The Single Life" PANK

I drew a pair of friends during a traini


2 Comics Sixth Finch

5 Comics Inverted Syntax

9 Comics The Offing

16 Comics HAD & WAS

2 Comics Io Literary Journal (print)

7 Comics Gigantic Sequins (print)

2 Comics Porkbelly Press (print)

9 Comics The Indianapolis Review

5 Comics Iterant

2 Comics Action, Spectacle

Feature Indianapolis Review


Life Lines: Rewriting Lives from Inside Out edited by Sarah Bartlett, Bianca Vinas & Kassie Tibbott 

Green Writers Press 2019


3 poems With Her: Withdrawn Poetry of the #MeToo Movement edited by Rachelle Toarmino from Peach Mag 2018


"Lilith" Monster Verse: Poems Human and Inhuman edited by Tony Barnstone and Michelle Mitchell-Foust from Everyman's Pocket Poetry Series Sept. 2015

"Six Visions of the Donut" The Book of Donuts edited by Jason Lee Brown and Shanie Latham from Terrapin Books 2017


Katie Bickham for Southern Quarterly

Dorianne Laux for Poetry Flash

Book Reviews

 Some Girls Janet McNalley 

for Mom Egg Review

Lyrebird Meredith Clark

for RHINO Visual Review Issue


Lit Club Profile in Seven Days written by Bridget Higdon

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