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Ruth Stone Foundation Podcast 

E3: A Year in Love's Grief


an interview with Bianca Stone on poetry comics, love, grief, and art-making, as well as the 365-day comic project

Bon Mot with Rick Agran 

Recorded at Goddard's WGDR studio in Plainfield, VT, the interview includes readings of poetry and poetry comics as well as a discussion of the artistic process. 

Bon Mot: Meg Reynolds - Rick Agran
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Noble Dreams Podcast with Noah Chute Ep. 8: Expansive Strangeness

A reading and discussion of my poem, 'Intimacy

Present Time Radio Show with Katherine Stamper @ WBTV LP, 99.3 FM August 13, 2021 - a discussion of poetry comics, comic memoir, love, & A Comic Year